Go Gadget Go!

Meet the Band



Rich's noble family was involved in an epic battle for spice on a desert planet. This spice was the key to folding space, and it gave him the ability to see the future- the future of Central MA cover bands. Rich used these powers to master rhythm guitar and to lead giant worms into war. Knife fights ensues. I forget the rest.

Rich was a member of the MA punk band Einstein, and he has played with the RI outfit Suspect IED. He enjoys drinking heavily and chewing gum.



Devin originally flew into Gadget's (shared) bedroom as a goddamned barn owl. We were forced to wander through a puppet-filled maze of puzzles before finally discovering his face-melting guitar licks; thus mastered from countless hours of dancing balls on his knuckles. A stolen baby was involved - I forget the rest.

Devin enjoys drinking heavily, and yelling "WHY, GOD?!!? WHY?!?!" at non-participating Subway sandwich-artists.



Ryan originally worked to create a type of experimental military robot. He learned to play the bass guitar so he could program this ability into severed robotic hands on his desk. He also could make these robotic hands give the middle finger to his boss. One of his robots gets hit by lightning, meets Ally Sheedy, and is able to pass Rorschach tests. Much later, the robot joined a gang that chants about balls. I forget what happened before that.

Ryan was in the MA punk band Einstein. He is also a member of Snakepants and Rocco, Airdog, and records his own solo projects. He has produced and recorded local bands. Ryan enjoys drinking heavily, and salt.



Merv was never formally trained on the drums. But when he was 8 years old, he hit his head and fell unconscious in the woods. When he woke up, he discovered that he had been missing for 8 years. Even more mystifying, he had not aged and could not account for the time that he was missing. Merv discovered that a robot named Max filled his head with galactic rhythm. Scientists were involved. I forget the rest.

Merv was a member of the MA punk band Einstein. He enjoys drinking heavily and being the green guys in the game Risk.



Mike learned to book bands when he attended an ivy-league college. This college only accepted him because they believed he was black- an illusion that he achieved through an overdose of tanning pills. He wasn't very good at basketball, though. Racists were involved. I forget the rest.

Mike is the only person in Gadget that is qualified to speak to strangers, so he does all the booking. Mike enjoys drinking heavily and north-westerly breezes.